To meet the demands in health care services, there is a growing request for developing clinical nursing practice. This article describes the experiences of a clinical project «’Growth Forum’ for Development-Oriented Nurses» where participants carry out nursing projects based on their own practice, focusing on process and content. The purpose of this article is to urge others to similar actions with a practice-based approach. «Growth Forum» aims to keep and inspire competent nurses and to enhance clinical nursing practice. «Growth Forum» is based on guidance in managing project work, information-retrieval, and research methods as well as group and individual supervision in carrying out projects. So far, 20 nurses have completed the one-year training and supervision process, resulting in 16 project reports. Several projects have been presented as poster or oral sessions at conferences, two projects have been published as articles and four nurses have subsequently commenced an academic education.

Keywords: competence, development, postgraduate, practice-oriented, project work