Background: Spirituality has traditionally been a taboo within mental health. We need to develop our understanding of how to meet these pertinent issues among people with mental problems.

Purpose: The purpose of this survey was to learn from mental health professionals’ experiences with spirituality during their encounters with patients.

Method: The study has an explorative, descriptive, qualitative design. Data were collected from two focus group interviews, which were thematically analysed.

Main results: Comprehensive understanding: Spirituality is not a legitimate theme within mental health care. Four meaning themes were found: Various concepts were used to describe spirituality; To meet the other where he is; The balance between private or professional; Knowledge and reflection create security and courage to address spiritual themes.

Conclusion: Spirituality is not often a theme in mental health care, and this can result in concealed practices. We call for stronger focus on such topics during education and professional training.

Keywords: focus group interviews, mental health professionals, psychiatric treatment, spirituality, worldview