The introduction of telemedicine will transform the health care sector and bring changes to the role and function of nurses. In this inquiry, we ask, what competences are required in the ‘doing’ of telemedicine? The project is based on interviews with two focus groups involving nurses from the primary and secondary sectors, working with telemedicine in a project entitled, Horsens på forkant med sundhed (Horsens on the Frontiers of Health). The analysis is data-driven and reveals that cultivation of competences is closely associated with structural conditions. Nurses emphasize that telemedicine has to be meaningful and a flexible and technically reliable solution. The possession of technical skills and a personal interest in telemedicine are advantageous. More important, however, are high clinical skills and competences in caring relationships. Nurses from diverse clinical settings report that telemedicine mediates a change in focus and attention. Future education of nurses therefore has to incorporate critical reflection on what is transmitted and omitted in telemedicine.

Keywords: telemedicine, nurse competences, focus groups, cross sectional, Horsens på forkant med Sundhed