Education at the University of Southern Denmark is based on principles of activating teaching and active learning, which we have tried to follow in the course “Health Technology “, which has been designed as an innovative process, founded on different learning activities. The aim was to investigate how learning activities have supported the students’ learning. A triangulated approach was used, combining data from a focus group and questionnaire. Data from the questionnaires were analysed using descriptive statistics. The qualitative data were analysed with inspiration from meanings condensation. The analysis showed that active participation stimulated learning, as it created a learning environment that leads to in-depth learning. Three main themes were described (1) “Creativity stimulates learning”; (2) “Sense of coherence – when theory and practice are linked” and (3) “Academia – the desire to learn at an academic level”. However, participation in the innovative process can be an obstacle to learning, as the focus on creating can affect the possibility for dialogue as room for reflection.

Keywords: education, activating teaching, user-driven innovation, nursing