‘We’ll be there all the way’: A qualitative study based on being relatives to patients with chronic kidney disease

Background: Studies concerning the everyday life of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) have focused on patients, and not on relatives. However, relatives share and are affected by the same consequences as the patient with regard to changes in everyday life, roles in the family and mutual relationship. Aim: To gain insight into the needs of the relatives of patients with CKD with regard to their ability to provide support in everyday life, and their experiences of participation in care and treatment. Method: A qualitative study based on four focus group interviews with relatives. Results: Relatives provided substantial support to the patient both in everyday life and in care and treatment, and it was a constant challenge to find a balance between being supportive and taking over. Conclusion: Relatives expressed a need for recognition in everyday life and by the healthcare professionals, as well as a need for sharing experiences with other relatives.

Nøkkelord: chronic kidney disease,everyday life,experiences,participation,relatives