A modern agenda of stoma care

Background: Conventional practice in colorectal surgery involves stoma education postoperatively. Due to fast track surgery a preoperative group based stoma education for patient and relatives was established. Aim: To study the colorectal nurse specialists perspective of patients’ stoma management postoperatively and the impact on nursing stoma care. Methods: Within a phenomenological-hermeneutical frame of reference seven colorectal nurse specialists participated in a focus group interview. It was analyzed for meaning inspired by Paul Ricœur's three comprised levels of text interpretation. Findings: ’A modern agenda of stoma care’ emerged enclosing three themes. The patient was identified as ’The empowered patient’ and the relatives were actively involved ’From visitor to participator’. The postoperative stoma nursing practice changes profile ’From ’hands on’ to advisor’. Conclusion: The nurses experienced that the preoperative group educational intervention provides competent and empowered patients and relatives in managing stoma care postoperatively. The clinical nursing shifts towards a diversified guidance.

Keywords: stoma, preoperative patient education, nurse-patient relation, patient participation, relatives