Background: The incidence of spondylodiscitis is increasing, but despite this there has been limited focus on the patient’s personal experience of the disease. Aim: To investigate patients’ experiences during their admission to hospital and during follow-up. Methods: qualitative interviews and patient observation. Data: Five informants were included. Analysis: Ricoeur’s three levels of data analysis were used. Quality assurance was made by three principles: transparency, validity and recognisability. Results: Pain and insufficient pain alleviation were very prominent and common patient experiences. Discussion: Pain as a so dominant issue was somewhat surprising. It seems that health care personnel see pain mainly as object-knowledge, because patients’ experiences were apparently not included very much in treatment decisions. Perspective: If pain is considered as both object-knowledge and relational-knowledge, the data indicate that health care practice and treatment may be improved substantially. Our findings in this pilot study could with advantage be investigated in a larger scale project.

Nøkkelord: Pain and hospitalization, patient perspective, quality research, spondylodiscitis