Background: Acute radio dermatitis (ARD) occurs in the majority of cases of patients undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer. The literature focuses on prevention and treatment of ARD, but does not deal with the duration of skin healing after radiotherapy. Aim: Investigation of skin healing four weeks after completion of breast irradiation. Methods: Descriptive study with a quantitative design. ARD was documented by clinical photos, VAS score and RTOG scale once a week for a period of 28 days. Results: 20 patients participated. 95 % of patients had the most severe ARD earlier than 14 days after treatment completion, and 40 % of patients had the most severe ARD on the last day of treatment. 80 % of the ARD waned within 14 days after treatment, and 20 % of patients had no signs of ARD 28 days after treatment. Conclusions: With recommended skincare, ARD heals faster than the literature describes.

Keywords: acute radiodermatis, breast cancer, radiotherapy, RTOG scale, skincare