Purpose: To study the surgery patient’s sensory experiences in the meeting with the operating theatre and the nurse. Background: The surgical patient’s presurgery anxiety may increase the surgical stress response. It is important to understand patients’ needs in order to support them presurgically. Method: Qualitative research and interviews based on a hermeneutic phenomenological conceptual framework. Analysis: Hermeneutical content interpretation based on Kvale and Brinkmann's recommendations. Results: The following main themes emerged from the analysis: «upcoming euthanasia», «authoritarian authorities» and «the assembly line». Conclusion: The study contributes knowledge about: How overwhelming the surgical patient may experience a high-tech operating theatre; how these experiences can be transgressive and harmful to the patient and how interactions can be seen as both caring and authoritarian. A productive and deliberate view of the surgical patient can show that the individual patient may feel overlooked.

Keywords: Operating theatre, qualitative study, sensory experiences, surgical patient, anxiety