Background: Newly qualified nurses experience a stressful transition into mental health nursing, but research shows that transition programs meet many of the challenges. Research on transition into mental health nursing that includes experienced nurses and health care assistants seems sparse. Aim: To investigate how newly employed nursing staff experience the transition and experience and evaluate the introduction to adult psychiatry. Method: 17 participants were interviewed in 3 focus groups. Data was analyzed using thematic analysis within a symbolic interactionism framework. Results: The newly employed experience themselves working in a certain ‘culture’ and undergo a ‘transition’ characterized by four themes; ’Formal introduction’, ’Informal introduction’, ’The role’, and ’Working environment’. Conclusion: The newly employed experiences of ‘culture’ are very essential for their experiences of the transition and experiences and evaluations of the introduction. Structured, research-based transition programs are necessary in order for newly employed to achieve a healthy transition into mental health nursing.