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av Bente Martinsen
Vitenskapelig publikasjon
(side 11-26)
av Ellen Boldrup Tingleff, Karen Dalsgaard, Dorthe Lunding & Frederik Alkier Gildberg
Engelsk sammendrag

Background: Newly qualified nurses experience a stressful transition into mental health nursing, but research shows that transition programs meet many of the challenges. Research on transition into mental health nursing that includes experienced nurses and health care assistants seems sparse. Aim: To investigate how newly employed nursing staff experience the transition and experience and evaluate the introduction to adult psychiatry. Method: 17 participants were interviewed in 3 focus groups. Data was analyzed using thematic analysis within a symbolic interactionism framework. Results: The newly employed experience themselves working in a certain ‘culture’ and undergo a ‘transition’ characterized by four themes; ’Formal introduction’, ’Informal introduction’, ’The role’, and ’Working environment’. Conclusion: The newly employed experiences of ‘culture’ are very essential for their experiences of the transition and experiences and evaluations of the introduction. Structured, research-based transition programs are necessary in order for newly employed to achieve a healthy transition into mental health nursing.

Vitenskapelig publikasjon
(side 27-40)
av Oddrunn Sortland & Karin Anna Petersen
Engelsk sammendrag

During the 1990s, the nursing education was subject to a discussion regarding its contents, and the possibilities of cooperation with other professions. In 1994, a reform of higher education was carried out in Norway, initiated by the ideas of effectiveness and new public management. As a result, a revised national curriculum for the nursing education was published in 2000, and the subject theory of science and research methods emerged. This study is based on Bourdieu’s theory of social life and practice and investigate how the relevance of the subjects is interpreted through the analysis of documents as local curriculum and students bachelor thesis in a sacral and secular nursing educations setting. The result indicates that science theory and methodology are partially transformed into a technique where students learn to read and interpret research articles rather than to reflect and explain how different research into and knowledge about nursing have emerged.

(side 41-53)
av Ulla Rørbech & Alex Kørner
Engelsk sammendrag

Sexuality continues to be an essential part of our lives into old age. Problematic sexual behaviour of nursing home residents is not uncommon, and this may cause the staff considerable distress. The present study describes the staff’s attitudes towards and knowledge about old age sexuality in nursing homes, as well as their experiences with feeling violated by abusive sexual behaviour. Data were collected through questionnaires and semi-structured interviews covering the previous 6 months. 51 % answered the questionnaire; the respondents were considered to be representative of the entire sample. 30 % had experienced abusive sexual behaviour, but in most cases of a mild character, and only one had needed psychological intervention while most of the respondents sought support from their colleagues. A correlation between the experience of feeling violated and a more restrictive attitude towards sexual activity among the elderly was found.

(side 54-69)
av Connie Bøttcher Berthelsen, Tove Lindhardt & Kirsten Frederiksen
Engelsk sammendrag

Background: The support of relatives during older patients’ fast-track treatment programmes is important; however, knowledge is needed to strengthen the involvement of the relatives in fast-track treatment programmes. Purpose: To generate a substantive grounded theory of relatives’ behaviour patterns in older patients’ fast-track treatment programmes during total hip or knee replacements. Methods: Grounded theory based on Glaser’s systematic generation of theory was used. Data was collected from 2010 to 2011 in orthopaedic wards at two Danish university hospitals through 14 non-participant observations, 14 post-observational interviews, and five interviews with seven relatives of patients over the age of 70. Findings: Maintaining Unity emerged as the relatives’ pattern of behaviour through which they prevented the patients from feeling alone through three interchangeable behavioural modes: Protecting Mode, Substituting Mode, and Adapting Mode. Conclusion: The substantive theory of Maintaining Unity offers knowledge of relatives’ desire to provide loving support for the older patients during fast-track treatment programmes.

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