Patients at intensive care units who develop delirium experience longer stays in intensive care as well as increased morbidity and mortality. A Danish survey in 2009 showed no consensus regarding the assessment tools for sedation or delirium, the frequency of assessment, or on which patient groups such tools were used in Denmark. The aims of this study were to describe clinical practice within the assessment of the sedation and delirium of intensive care patients and to compare the results to the 2009-survey. Method: A questionnaire was issued by email to all intensive care units in Denmark caring for ventilated adult patients. An intensive care nurse with daily patient contact was asked to answer questions regarding the practice of the unit. Results: Nearly all of the intensive care units replied. RASS was the most common tool used for sedation assessment, and CAM-ICU was only used for delirium assessment. Conclusion: A common language for sedation and delirium assessment has emerged.