Nasal CPAP treatment is the preferred treatment of preterm infants with respiratory problems. Studies show that nasal CPAP treatment is associated with nasal skin problems, but no previous Danish studies have investigated skin problems among infants receiving nasal CPAP treatment. The purpose was to examine the frequency and severity of skin problems among preterm infants in the neonatal ward of Aalborg University Hospital. The study was a retrospective observational study including 101 preterm infants born before week 32 in 2010 and 2011. The study showed that the prevalence of skin problems was significantly higher for infants born before week 28 than for infants born between week 28 and 32. Infants with a birth weight < 1500 gms had significantly worse skin problems than those with a birth weight ≥ 1500 gms. The study indicates the need for preventive actions to reduce the prevalence of nasal skin problems of preterm infants treated with nasal CPAP.