Background: There is limited knowledge on the perception of quality of life of wives with husbands at a nursing home, especially in a Danish setting. The aim was to investigate how wives perceive their life conditions when they have accepted the necessity of their husbands’ move to a nursing home.

A. The considerations made prior to the husband being admitted to the nursing home

B. The daily life of the wife and the husband after his admittance to the nursing home Methods: A qualitative study based on structured interviews with 14 women with husbands confined to a nursing home. Content analyses were made, and themes derived from analyses. Results: The time prior to the husband’s admittance to nursing home is filled with difficult and painful considerations. Many wives have a deep feeling of guilt for accepting the need for admittance of the husband to the nursing home. There is a broad variation in the wives’ perceptions of their new life conditions, from the feeling of guilt to relief. Conclusion: The wives of husbands at a nursing home generally feel guilty because they were unable to manage the care of their husbands at home. The health personnel at the nursing homes must focus on understanding the problems facing the wives.