Background: Patients with severe acquired brain injuries are in nutritional risk primarily due to trauma related stress-metabolism. Aim: To describe the nutritional status for patients with severe acquired brain injury admitted to sub-acute neurorehabilitation for a period of eight weeks. Furthermore, to study possible risk factors for weight loss. Methods: Nutritional needs of 46 patients were calculated after the National Board of Health’s (NBH) recommendations. Patients’ calorie and protein intake and weight was registered weekly as well as the presence of tracheotomy and Glasgow Coma Scale score (GCS). Result: Although that patients’ oral intake was in accordance with the recommendations, half of patients lost weight. Association was found between low GCS and weight loss. Conclusion: The recommendations from the NBH might not be sufficient for patients with severe acquired brain injury. Indirect calorimetric may be considered as a more precise method for calculating the patient’s needs. Special attention should be paid on patients with low levels of consciousness.