In diabetes, improved glycemic control during pregnancy mostly deteriorates after delivery. We aimed to clarify the deterioration from the perspectives of first time mothers. Five individual interviews and one focus group with mothers of healthy children were analysed using constant comparison. Good glycemic control for the sake of the child ended at a horizon of giving birth to a healthy child. Postpartum, Great relief was soon succeeded by Feeling left alone with the child and diabetes. Exhausted from the stressful pregnancy with strict control and weekly appointments, the women took a well-earned pause. A challenging clash of mother-child needs were managed stepwise 1) “The child first-prioritization”, 2) “the child OR me-dilemma” and finally 3) “the child AND me recognition”. Getting back on track of diabetes management became a struggle, the women realizing that the improvement during pregnancy was due to professionals and therefore difficult patterns of glucose control remained unchanged.