Background: The Quality Reform of Higher Education recommends closer monitoring of students. The proportion of students who complete their studies in the recommended time is expected to increase through this initiative. Aim: Evaluate a system of individual study counseling for bachelor students in nursing. Methods: Questionnaire with closed answers and statistical analysis. Findings: An available academic supervisor is important for nursing students. Individual counseling is seen as valuable for 41.5% of nursing students participating in this survey. The most important issues for them to discuss are: learning methods, study planning, and integration of studies in everyday life and the social aspects of student life. Conclusion: Studying nursing is multifaceted and complex. The students’ needs for counseling services in study methods are increasing. They appreciate help and support in coping with everyday demands of student life. It is recommended to allocate resources to nursing student counseling and supervision as a strategy to ensure study quality, to train students to become competent nurses and to reach the goal of fulfilling the study.