Patients’ activation is a cornerstone in chronic care and disease management programs, but adequate measures of activation are lacking in Danish healthcare. Hibbard developed the American Patient Activation Measure (PAM) defining „activation“ as knowledge, skills, confidence and behavior critical for chronic illness management.

The aim of the study is to present the translation and adaptation of PAM to Danish regarding concept and item equivalence. The procedure followed WHO recommendations: (1) Forward translation, (2) Expert panel back-translation, (3) Pre-testing and cognitive interviewing, and (4) Final version and documentation.

Forward and back-translations were done separately and independently by four translators, followed by an adjustment by the expert panel. Minor changes to the first Danish PAM drafts were made after a pretest and a cognitive debriefing in a focus group among 12 participants recruited from a Type 2 Diabetes outpatient clinic. PAM is now available in Danish and is expected to be useful for clinical assessment and research purposes.