Background: Patients hospitalized in psychiatric wards often have suicidal thoughts. While performing constant observation, nurses also make an effort to establish a therapeutic relation.

The aim of the study is to highlight knowledge – based on the experiences of expert nurse relational practice – which may prevent suicide.

Method: A descriptive design is used. Data is collected from a qualitative interview and analysed in a qualitative analysis. A story about two nurses giving a gift to a patient is analysed to articulate experience-based knowledge.

Findings: Four qualities of the nurses’ interventions are discussed: 1. Acknowledgement of the individual life situation and suffering. 2. Personal involvement. 3. Sensitive and spontaneous care. Love as land value.

Conclusion: Expert nurses execute nursing depending on the context. Still the qualities of their nursing may be valuable for developing general knowledge. If the qualities are reflected on in professional meetings, their experiences may be joint property instead of remaining professional secrets.