This article is based on a study examining the life of two young adults diagnosed with schizophrenia. Inspired by Pierre Bourdieu’s key concepts of field, habitus, and capital, interviews have been conducted and observations have been carried out for a total of 107 hours. Based on interviews concerning paths of life, capitals and social positions, two cases have been constructed. In the article, construction and analyses of activity categories are performed and case constructions are used to show how young adults handle everyday life in different ways.

The results show that the young adults live a life influenced by noise created by their inner voices. Both handle this by producing external noise to drown out the sound of their inner voices, a strategy of ‘noise that silences’. Their choices of external noises are different and related to the different ways they live in general. To conclude, the young adults use habituated strategies when coping with their inner voices. As schizophrenics, this enables them to live their lives as ‘abnormal in a normal world’.