Background: Failure to use the gastrointestinal tract in patients with acute pancreatitis may exacerbate disease severity and greater incidence of complications.

Aim: To determine the optimum nutrition provision, and whether supplements can enhance the efficacy and delivery methods of enteral nutrition.

Methods: A systematic literature search for relevant articles in databases was performed. 28 articles are included in this review.

Findings: Enteral nutrition is preferred in severe acute pancreatitis, and this shows a reduction in infectious complications, surgical interventions, organ failures, mortalities, and it is cost-effective. Nasogastric delivery shows the same tolerance as nasojejunal delivery. Probiotic supplement alone is not recommended. Regarding other supplements, more studies are required. In mild acute pancreatitis, oral nutrition shows no signs of exacerbation of the disease.

Conclusion: In patients with mild acute pancreatitis, oral nutrition should be tried as soon as possible. In patients with severe acute pancreatitis, nasogastric delivery is a preferred and cost-effective method.