The practicing of relief and alleviation is one of the core tasks in nursing. The article describes and discusses the implications of relief and alleviation in nursing and how the concept can be understood and defined. The methods used for clarification are concept analysis and concept clarification. Defining and discussing the importance of key concepts in nursing is an important activity and a continuous process within the nursing profession. First, the concept is clarified according to descriptions in documents within the nursing profession and definitions in nursing theories. Secondly, relief and alleviation are described through empirical studies on the basis of patients’ experiences with receiving relief and alleviation and on nurses’ perception of providing relief and alleviation. Finally, a theoretical analysis was made of the concept Presence, which appeared to be one of the most important concepts in defining the characteristics of alleviation and relief in nursing. The purpose of this analysis was to obtain a better understanding of the implications for alleviation and relief in nursing practice.