This article discusses how nurses offering CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) understand their own holistic approach. Empirical data were collected from field work among registered nurses who choose to offer CAM. Due to cultural science, CAM is a part of the New Age movement. Holism is considered to be a core concept in both nursing and the New Age movement and is used to describe CAMpractice in contrast to conventional bio-medicine. Results are categorized in three main issues: 1. Holism emphasize relations and connections. 2. Holism describes a unity between man and nature, and 3. Holism emphasizes spiritual aspects in health care. This discussion is focusing on the diffuse connection between CAM, nursing, and the New Age movement and shows how holism is both applauded and rejected in nursing, especially when it comes to the spiritual aspects. The conclusion is that holism is understood in different ways, and that there is a blurred connection between CAM, nursing, and the New Age movement. The connection between health and spirituality needs further investigation.