The article focuses on the educational aspects of nurse training in clinical practice as conducted in a study unit – an alternative educational site in a hospital organization created for a group of nurse students, patients, and a clinical instructor. The focus is to describe the characteristics seen in a study unit in terms of students’ learning processes, guidance, and the special characteristics of the learning environment.

The content of the article is based on both organizational experiences and research conducted as a qualitative field study within a hospital organization. The approach is based on a social practice theory in order to get a closer understanding of the relations between the participants and the learning environment. The insights among learning processes in a framed context in nursing practice are, among others, the importance of continuous access to guidance as well as access to and relations with a professional and access to and relations with other students in terms of peer-learning. Finally, the organizational possibility of the arrangement is discussed in relation to a new Danish nurse student curriculum from 2008.