A road-show is an outgoing activity from the hospital kitchen to the clinical departments with a variety of purposes- in this case to increase the patients consumption of groceries and snacks (between meals) produced by the kitchen.

We quantified the requisitions one week prior to the campaign and then after one week and again after two months.

The requisitions increased by 5.9% in the week after the road-show, and after two months the increase was 4.3%. The increase in the commercial nutritional supplements were 2% and 23% respectively, and these were not part of the promotion. In the departments not visited, requisitions increased by 56% and 97%. The cost of the intervention was estimated to 200 working hours.

These results strongly indicate that road-shows might not be cost-efficient in the present design. However, the requisitions of snacks are not the only variable of importance in the cooperation between the kitchen and the hospital departments.