The purpose of this literature study was to obtain knowledge of how nurses’ information to patients treated with ablation for atrial fibrillation may contribute to minimizing pain experienced by the patients. The subject was elucidated in three selected articles/theories: Katie Eriksson’s theory on suffering. An article by Bobby Zachariae in which he describes pain in a wider psychological perspective, and a study in which Elvira Lang examined the relation between the health care providers choice of words and the pain and anxiety experienced by the patients.

Summing up, it was found that patients should be informed to expect pain – information relieves the experience of pain. Information should be given in neutral terms and should match the patient’s own choice of words. It is of major importance that the patient in pain is not left alone. Diverting attention from pain can elevate the patient’s threshold for pain. Prior to a painful procedure, the patient must be made aware of how to cope with the pain.