In Denmark very few possibilities of lung cancer rehabilitation exists. In addition, the documentation of the effects of the existing rehabilitation possibilities is limited.

The purpose of this study was to reveal which circumstances might affect the participation of lung cancer patients in possible rehabilitation efforts in relation to gender differences. In addition, to investigate which subjects the patients wish to be covered by a rehabilitation course, to reveal how rehabilitation courses should be arranged and based on this information to develop a tangible plan for a rehabilitation course for patients with lungcancer.

The investigation was based on a survey using a questionnaire with a total of 35 lung cancer patients including 15 women and 20 men. In total, 74% of the lung cancer patients expressed preference for an extended course. A significant relation was found between the perception of breathing difficulty/coughing and preference for subjects related to these problems during a rehabilitation course. Based on this study, it is recommended to begin the rehabilitation of lung cancer patients already at the time of the diagnosis, to follow-up on the patient during the treatment at the hospital (in-patient and out-patient clinic), and to use rehabilitation interviews and discussions including all aspects of cancer related problems.