This article enquires into the quality of life of young adult cancer survivors after they have completed their treatment.

What kind of problems do they experience when they return to everyday life? Has anything changed? Do they make a full recovery or do they still feel like „cancer patients“?

There has been very little focus on young adult cancer survivors. The research criteria for this article is based on a literature review of 1 543 articles, 15 of which have been investigated.

Young age was found to be associated with high risk perception and much anxiety. However, most of the young adults reported thcir health as good after a time, and only a small group said that their health had been deteriorating. Several needs reported by young women were directly related to being of a young age or pre-menopausal. They were unrealistically concerned about cancer recurrence caused by pregnancy, and an even higher percentage feared that their children would be at high risk of birth defects or cancer. More research into cancer survivors is needed in order to create educational and supportive intervention for those interested in becoming parents after cancer.