Your article’s real life starts on Idunn

Professional, electronic publishing provides journals and articles completely new opportunities to be read, used and cited. It gives them an even more important role in the development of the way we live and understand reality than before.

On Idunn, your article is linked to a number of digital features that the print version cannot provide, and the potential for a significant increase in the number of readers is large. With your knowledge and our expertise in digital journal publishing your article will be read by many.

Some of the benefits you will have when your article is published in one of the journals on Idunn is:
  • Publication of the article in HTML and PDF
  • Search indexing of metadata and full text in the world's most significant Discovery services for academic publishing, including Google Scholar
  • The opportunity to share the article on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+)
  • The opportunity for others to save the article as a reference (RIS file) to reference tools such as EndNote, Mendeley and Zotero
  • A unique URL for your article
  • Secure online storage and availability for the future
  • Continuous development of electronic format and functionality related to article on Idunn

Submit your article manuscript to a journal?

The journals published by the Scandinavian University Press (Universitetsforlaget) are among the most prominent in the Nordic countries. They are edited by specialists in their fields, and submitted articles are subjected to thorough assessments before they are approved for publication.

If you have an article you would like to submit for consideration in one of the journals electronically published on Idunn, please contact the editors of the journal you consider most suitable for your article. Information about the editorial boards and how – and in what format – to submit the manuscript can be found on each journal’s individual page here on Idunn.

Rights when publishing an article

All articles published in journals published by the Scandinavian University Press will also be made available electronically on Idunn.

The Norwegian Publishers Association (NFF) and the Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Association (NFFO) have prepared an Agreement on normal contract for the publication of literary works in journals. This agreement also applies to all articles published in journals published by the Scandinavian University Press. The agreement can be read in its entirety at (in Norwegian).

Important rights provisions stated in the agreement between NFF and NFFO that will apply for your article, are
  • After the final version of your article is published on Idunn, you may archive the unprocessed version that was accepted by the editors (usually a Word file). This version may be archived on your own website and / or your employer's institutional repository. This is also labeled that you are publishing under a 'Green Open Access' policy.
  • You may not distribute or archive later versions of the article than the accepted, unprocessed version. This also applies to the version published on Idunn. An exception can occur in some "Gold Open Access" –journals (where the alternative policy is stated in the journal’s author instructions), or in a special agreement with the Scandinavian University Press.

Social media tips for contributors

In our experience, articles tend to get the most exposure when the authors themselves publicise their work on social media. As the author of the article, here are some of the things you can do:
  • Write a brief text in which you introduce the subject of the article. Include a link to the article on Idunn.
  • Use hashtags (#) for posts on Twitter and Instagram. This will link the post to the relevant discussions, making it easier to find. Hashtags may be a mixture of the article’s content and other content relevant to the journal. Please use the hashtag #uforlaget in order to link the content to Universitetsforlaget’s profile – we can then share your post among our followers.
  • Feel free to tag us. We will receive a notification, allowing us to like the post and share it with our followers.
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  • Include pictures where possible.