Transportation of Military Supplies to Troops and the Farmers of Gjerdrum during the Great Northern War

This article provides information about the transportation of military supplies to troops in South-east Norway during the Great Northern War, and how the farmers who performed the transportation perceived this obligatory duty. This has been done by an examination of a petition and the hearing following the petition. The petition was written by the farmers of Gjerdrum to the District Governor of Akershus in 1719. Farmers from Southeast Norway received a number of additional taxes and obligatory duties during the Great Northern War. This led to an increase in the number of petitions to the authorities. The reaction of the farmers is examined through a look into their arguments against the duties and taxes, in addition to how their relationship with regional and central government evolved. There is some literature on the transportation of military supplies to troops during the Great Northern War, but it is limited to the situations in Sweden and Finland. This article is an attempt to increase the knowledge about the situation in Norway.