The Tuomainen farm, a Kven town-farm in Vadsø

The Tuomainen farm in Vadsø is an urban farm from the middle of the 19th century. A combination of different occupations has made an impression on the built environment and the economic basis of the farm. Income from fisheries has always been important. Of particular interest is the farms function as rented accommodation for Kven immigrants. There have also been a public sauna and bakery on the farm, and animal husbandry and arable farming in differing periods. The animals included horses, cattle and sheep. Since the town site was very limited and included only the buildings, the agricultural land was outside the town; potato plots at the edge of town and meadows eight kilometres away. The farm building was originally a connected habitation and cattle shed; The Varanger house, with a characteristic appearance. The farm has had different owners over time, which has affected the buildings through changes of use and redevelopment.