Eidet lies at the inner end of Eidsfjord in Sogndal municipality in the county of Sogn and Fjordane. Today, it is owned by the Heibergske Collection – Sogn Folk Museum. The smallholding has a favourable climate in a sheltered south-facing locality, supporting luxuriant vegetation including occurrences of hardwood trees, and fertile soil that has given good harvests. The place has been an important junction for travellers, encouraging inn-keeping and trading. These conditions have supported habitation over a long period of time, but the farm was first given an autonomous status in 1903. Ownership, occupancy and land use before that time, are complicated. The place has been a smallholding, a croft and an inn. Farming has always provided too little to live on alone, making it necessary to have other sources of income. Multiple occupations were characteristic. The type and extent of, and the income from such occupations have varied. The two last occupants were boat-builders. Otherwise occupants have engaged in handicrafts, trade, fishing and forestry.