Until today, museums have primarily directed their attention to buildings, artefacts, individuals and society. Some museums are authentic historic farms and hamlets while others comprise various buildings gathered from a wider area and placed together in constructed hamlets. The «Norwegian Farm» project has an holistic approach and focuses on the structure of the cultural landscape and the utilisation of resources at six museum farms. In other words, we look at land use and farming practices at different points in time, principally during the period 1800–1950, with the intention of revealing similarity and uniqueness. The museums that are engaged in the project are located in the counties of Finnmark, Sogn and Fjordane, Hordaland, Rogaland and Oppland. The purpose of the project is to stimulate interest in exploring the use of natural resources in the particular region with a focus on the content of and the visual and ecological expression exhibited by the cultural landscape through time. This allows the individual museum farm to be seen in larger regional and national contexts. The results from the project will be used in educational and research projects at the museums. Arts Council Norway has financed the project.