In the majority of Western countries, the principal focus involved with mediation/separation/divorce is to abide by the dictates of contract law and uphold the individual and property rights of each individual. Procedurally, all parties involved engage to achieve a fair-minded, signed separation agreement between the separating parties of the couple relationship. However, high levels of emotional relational conflict often displace the fair-minded intentions. The article outlines a new practice of narrative therapy-informed Relational Interviewing (RI) with conflicted couple relationships. The article demonstrates a therapeutic method in support of both legal professionals and conflicted separating families. Relational Interviewing emotionally prepares highly conflicted couple relationships ‘before’ they enter into structures/discussions of mediation, separation, separation agreements and/or family court systems. Narrative therapy-informed Relational Interviewing practices are highlighted through a detailed case example. Commentaries on the RI practice are included – written by a Norwegian judge, a Canadian family lawyer/mediator, a Norwegian psychologist, and a CEO of Relationships Australia.

Keywords: Relational Interviewing, ethics, couple conflict, remembering conversations, mediation, narrative therapy