Documenting the Invisible is a polemical text by curator and art historian Peter Ole Pedersen and visual artist Christian Danielewitz that examines the potential of documentary-based art to create useful aesthetic representations of ‘the Anthropocene’. The article is a result of the practice-based collaboration between Peter Ole Pedersen, Christian Danielewitz and fellow artist Anu Ramdas. Thus, it is both a description and reflection of their project Against the Grain – an artistic documentation and exhibition of the environmental crisis at Weikuang Dam in Inner Mongolia – and a more general discussion of the term ‘the Anthropocene’ with the challenges of representing it in art and photography, as well as visually representing phenomena like deep time and radioactivity. The article discusses Bruno Latour’s reflections on agency and the Anthropocene and, in relation, the affinity between documentary and fiction put forth by Jacques Rancière, in addition to Timothy Morton’s notion of the Hyperobject.

Keywords: Documentary, Anthropocene, Visual Art, Environmental Catastrophe