From the fluvial Old Red Sandstone (ORS) of the Lower to Middle Devonian Wood Bay Formation (NW‐Spitsbergen), a diverse trace fossil assemblage, including two new ichnotaxa, is described: Svalbardichnus trilobus igen. n., isp. n. is interpreted as the three‐lobed resting trace of an early phyllocarid crustacean (Rhinocarididae). Cruziana polaris isp. n. yields morphological details that point towards a trilobite origin. This occurence of presumably marine trace makers in a fluvial red bed sequence raises the question of whether we are dealing with marine ingressions that are not sedimentologically expressed, with homeomorphy, or with an adaptation of marine groups to non‐marine environments.


  1. Ichnology
  2. Sedimentology
  3. Arthropods
  4. Devonian
  5. Old Red Sandstone (ORS)
  6. Red Beds
  7. Svalbard
  8. Spitsbergen

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Volume 37Number 21 June 2004
Pages: 149163


Received: 12 August 2002
Revised: 21 February 2004
Published online: 1 June 2004
Issue date: 1 June 2004



Institut für Paläontologie Loewenichstraße 28 D‐91054 Erlangen Germany;
Eden Volohonsky eden@uni‐tuebingen.de
Institut für Geowissenschaften der Universität Tübingen Sigwartstr. 10 D‐72076 Tübingen Germany;
Adolf Seilacher [email protected]
Institut für Geowissenschaften der Universität Tübingen Sigwartstr. 10 D‐72076 Tübingen Germany;
Institut für Paläontologie Loewenichstraße 28 D‐91054 Erlangen Germany;

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