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Åpen tilgang
(side 69-70)
av Ola Berge
Åpen tilgang
Learning from New Literacies
The Changing Face of College English Among English Major ELL Learners
Vitenskapelig publikasjon
(side 71-93)
av Diane Hui

To address the academic and new literacies divide, this study examines the practices and perceived effects of new literacies on academic learning, specific to Asian English major undergraduate language learners. This mixed-methods study reports particularly on the statistical results of a longitudinal survey concerning students’ increasingly digital lives and positive perceptual change (p < 0.05). These results inform how “efficacious learning” mediated by new literacies can transform the academic literacies important for academic success. Their pedagogical implications are discussed.

Åpen tilgang
Vitenskapelig publikasjon
(side 94-112)
av Michel Cabot

This paper analyses self-perceived learning ecologies in relation to EFL/ESL input. To this end, we integrate ecological perspectives with language development theories. In addition, we present data from in-depth and member checking interviews. Our findings indicate a low exposure to extensive written input and oral non-digital input. We discuss possible links between intensive and extensive reading and digital and non-digital oral input. Ultimately, the findings raise interesting questions about the compensatory and complementary roles of in-school learning and out-of-school learning.

Åpen tilgang
Vitenskapelig publikasjon
(side 113-130)
av Nina Bergdahl, Uno Fors, Patrik Hernwall & Ola Knutsson

As digitalisation spreads in education, it is vital to understand its relation to student engagement. We used student diaries and observation data to approach student engagement and explore the use of learning technologies on a lesson-to-lesson basis. Results show that a less thought-through use of technologies might lead to unconsidered effects. Positive indicators of the facilitation of student engagement included making the learning process accessible and visible to teachers.

2-2018, Volume 13


Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy (NJDL) is aimed at researchers, school authorities, school leaders in primary and secondary schools, teachers in primary and secondary education, at colleges and universities, and others concerned with education and ICT.

The journal contains peer-reviewed articles, conference papers, debates and commentaries, software and book reviews. Through dissemination of national and international research, the journal contributes to the debate on education policy. The journal aims at creating a platform for the critical analysis of digital literacy and competence, and the use of ICT in educational context. Moreover the aim is to stimulate dialogue between different participants in the field. Upon reception, the editor evaluates all submissions. After editor screening, approved contributions are sent to at least two anonymous international reviewers.

Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy has a focus on articles that deal thematically with digital literacy and the use of ICT in educational settings. Papers can among others be targeted on the following themes:

  • ICT use and innovation in education

  • Theoretical, methodological and practical challenges around the use of ICT in education

  • ICT in subjects (didactic context)

  • Evaluation and development

  • Learners’ work and learners’ ICT skills

  • Teachers, teacher education and classroom management

  • Lifelong learning


Ola Berge

Editorial assistant

Helga Hommedal Blikås

Associate Editors

Ann-Thérèse Arstorp

Gréta Björk Guðmundsdóttir

Ove Edvard Hatlevik

Marijana Kelentrić

Massimo Loi

Morten Søby

Karoline Tømte

Editorial board

Claire Bélisle

Alain Breuleux

Kirsten Drotner

Ola Erstad

Keri Facer

Annita Fjuk

Patrik Hernwall

Michael Hoechsmann

Solveig Jakobsdottir

Michele Knobel

Colin Lankshear

Sanna Järvelä

Nancy Law

Angela McFarlane

Roger Säljö

Marlene Scardamalia

Birgitte Holm Sørensen

Barbara Wasson

Patricia Wastiau

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ISSN online: 1891-943X

DOI: 10.18261/issn.1891-943X

The journal is published in collaboration with the -Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training

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