Knowledge cannot necessarily be easily transferred from a lecturer to students. It needs to be constructed by the learners themselves. If a learner is active and allowed to directly apply abstract knowledge to concrete cases in a lecture, the learning process will improve. In aiming to improve learning outcomes for plenary lectures, we present new topics through examples from a Bachelor’s degree course in finance. An example involves a problem and the procedure for solving it. The lecturer and the students develop the examples simultaneously, on individual PCs. While the teacher demonstrates the examples on a spreadsheet on a large screen, the students model the examples in separate spreadsheets on their own PCs. The lecturer introduces new concepts and principles as and when the example requires. We can encode the general principles behind the problem solution once the example is complete. An evaluation reveals that students perceive using spreadsheets to work on examples in plenary finance lectures as instructive.

Keywords: Student activity, worked examples, plenary lecture, spreadsheet as blackboard